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The Hotel Price Explorer Premium widget, focus the main choices criteria for hotel booking:






Hotel Price Explorer
PREMIUM 1 widget, 3 tabs

The PREMIUM widget is a hotel quality/price ratio overview

Customers on your website have access to the most relevant information directly from the homepage: your rates, reviews from other customers and your hotel’s strengths.

HPE PREMIUM, a widget that meets every customer’s expectation and even the most demanding ones!

The Rookie Customer

Hesitant and curious customer, he will most likely never book on his first visit, a support service will be provided to insure that even if booking is not completed at least he will return to your website again. 

The Demanding Customer

He likes when things are well and quickly done. Providing a tool that allows him to go straight to the point and make a quick reservation will bring him satisfaction.

The Thrifty Customer

 Always looking for deals, direct booking will provide him the guarantee that he gets the best rate available. 

The Anxious Customer

His fears of using online booking services will be decreased by available ratings and reviews from previous customers but also by a guarantee of the best rate available.

The Loafer Customer

Window shopping fan, the best shopping experience will be available to insure that he books a weekend gateway impulsively.

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We take care of everything 

We will take care of adding the widget to your website and we will give you the back-office management rights so that you can manage the settings and monitor the results. 


Your website team can integrate the widget very easily

We will provide you with a simple installation kit that you can share to your website team. You will share the back-office management rights with your team so that it can manage the settings and monitor the results.


A customizable widget is the best option for your website

You will always be able to choose:

The display location
(left, middle, right)

The default display type
(dropdown menu or not)

Which information should be displayed (prices and deals, benefits)

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97% satisfied 
Hotel Managers

Hundreds of hotels have already added the Hotel Price Explorer widget on their websites over the past year and the first performance report is very positive. 95% of Hotel Managers who used our one-month free trial chose to renew their purchase. Hotel Price Explorer's amazing performance is related to the satisfaction level of our members: A 97% satisfaction rate!